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Range of Motion CrossFit

‘Range of Motion CrossFit’ is the exercise branch of the business. CrossFit is a global exercise philosophy that has now been widely and unequivocally accepted as the most powerful and effective method of improving health and fitness through exercise. We use CrossFit methodologies and principles and combine these with our own empirical findings to create our distinct brand of prescription.

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We are a CrossFit Affiliate that operates with several key differences to most affiliates. You can find out more about these by clicking 'Learn More' on the right. We certainly do not see these variations as making us better or worse than our fellow affiliates, just different. Our primary difference is our focus on individualised exercise prescription and one-on-one consultations, not an open source class or group training model. The use of the term ‘prescription’ is deliberate. The potency and effect of our application of exercise and nutrition is analogous to that of a drug.

We use our philosophies and methods as an endpoint for our treatment of individuals with chronic disease and musculoskeletal disorders. We treat everyone as an athlete. This is the endpoint of our continuum of health. We find that if we treat people as athletes, they usually become just that. If we don’t, they are equally likely to meet our expectations. Our clients rise to match our expectations. Our expectations are high.

Exercise is our prescription. We use it to achieve health.